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Agitated Bin Composting Systems, Recycle


Agitated Bin Composting Systems, RecycleComposting ... the natural recycling of organic waste materials.

Agitated Bay Composting

Composting is a natural process of aerobic, microbial degradation of organic matter. LMC Agitated Bay Composting Systems combine controlled aeration and moisture addition, with frequent mixing to provide the highest level of process control. This approach delivers the highest rates of microbial activity and the most thorough stabilization of waste material of any composting system available.

Aeration controlled with temperature feedback ensures that temperatures are maintained within the optimal range for microbial activity. Frequent agitation is the key to sustaining higher degradation rates by redistributing material to break up temperature stratification, preventing airflow channeling due to compaction and consolidation, thoroughly distributing added moisture, and exposing new surfaces for degradation.

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