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Agitated Bin Composting Systems, RecycleSystem Operation

Agitated bay composting reactors are long concrete channels or bays with an aerated plenum floor and rails on top of the walls. Aeration is provided in multiple zones along the length of the bays. Each zone is aerated by a dedicated blower located in the aisles along the side of the channels. The blowers are controlled based on temperature readings from sensors for each zone in the bays, and by a baseline timer.

The LMC compost turner is a machine that rides on the bay rails, and begins processing at the finished end of the channel. As the machine processes the bay, it mixes, aerates, shears and moves the compost mix approximately 4.3-m (14 feet) towards the discharge end with each pass. Typically, the compost turning machine makes one pass per day through each bay. This creates loading space at the feed end of the channels for additional compost feedstock. Finished compost is discharged out the end of the bays with each pass.

Agitated Bin Composting Systems, Recycle  

With more than thirty-five years of experience in manufacturing composting equipment, LMC can provide a system manufactured to meet your composting needs.


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