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Agitated Bin Composting Systems, Recycle

Composting Agitated Bin Composting Systems, Recycleorganic waste materials is the right solution for today and tomorrow.



By maximizing the rate of stabilization, agitated bay systems also minimize the potential for problem odor generation. The regular turning of the compost feed mechanically breaks down the materials into smaller particle sizes. This agitation exposes new surfaces for degradation and minimizes the occurrence of micro-sites with anaerobic conditions, which are responsible for odor generation.
Agitated Bin Composting Systems, Recycle

The frequent mixing provided by the agitated bay system facilitates the use of a wide range of amendments and is critical with Biowaste. Use of alternative amendments can significantly reduce operating expenses, while making use of other waste products, such as yard waste, wood waste, or grades of recycled paper that have limited markets. The frequent mixing ensures that more heterogeneous feedstocks, like Biowaste, are broken up, stabilized, and thoroughly mixed in the composting reactor.

Agitated bay systems also provide the most effective composting moisture control. Feedstock materials with high energy density, like Biowaste, will experience significant drying in any high-rate composting system. Moisture control is a critical part of process control. Moisture control in agitated bay systems is significantly better than static pile types of composting systems. In static pile systems, there is no ability to distribute water applied to the surface of the pile. In agitated bay systems, the frequent turning distributes the moisture throughout the pile.


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